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FSTravels NEWS 1.14.2018

This mid-January cold snap has us inside and

feeling a little cabin fever. Perfect time to catch up on all the latest travel news! Stay warm everyone!

TripAdvisor Reorganizes Business Units in Attempt to Revive Its Prospects

TripAdvisor has undertaken a fundamental reorganization of its business units, and there will be several executive departures, including chief marketing officer Barbara Messing and Robin Ingle, senior vice president of sales.


According to Fodors

Memphis is THE lastest hot spot to add to your travel plans for 2018. From where to eat, drink and tour, Fodors recommends


6 Destinations on the Rise in 2018

Destinations on the rise are unexpected yet exceptional places off the beaten path. They’re not always easy to get to, but these lesser-known travel spots around the world reward your extra effort and sense of adventure with bucket-list spots that few non-locals know about.


Here is Everything You Need to Know About the State Department’s New Travel Advisory System

On January 10, the U.S. Department of State unveiled a new-and-improved travel advisory system in an effort to make its rankings more easily understandable to the public. The improvements will provide U.S. citizens with “clear, timely, and reliable safety and security information worldwide.”


Turkey Hits Back at U.S. With Travel Warning of Its Own

The U.S. on Wednesday urged its citizens to reconsider travel plans to Turkey, noting that terrorist groups explicitly target Western tourists and expatriates, while Turkish security forces detain individuals “based on scant evidence and grounds that appear to be politically motivated.” Turkey’s Foreign Ministry warned citizens to avoid travel to the U.S., citing the growing risk of terrorist attacks and other violence — a day after the State Department said the same about Turkey.



A Feasting Week in Palm Springs, California
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Exiting India, En route to Santorini
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