Catching Up with Friends, New and Old in Buenos Aires

While we were in Salta, we discovered that our friend John B. is visiting Buenos Aires, where he was born. This is his first time back since he was 7, when his parents decided that their future didn’t lie in Argentina and moved their family to Canada. We meet at 10 for coffee, and spend a couple of hours getting caught up.

We are lunching today with Michel and Milt, the American couple we met in Salta, and John decides to join us. The 5 of us head back to the wonderful café Greg and I found in Patio Bullrich, and spend a great couple of hours joking and laughing and enjoying life.

After lunch, John heads to his hotel to pack for his flight home tonight, and Michel and Milt do the same. Greg heads home to work on the journal, and I head to the travel agent, to pick up the tickets for the rest of our traveling around Argentina. We have not had luck with travel agents here, and today is no different: for our trip to Ushuaia, on Tierra del Fuego, we had been told that no economy class seats were available and that we would have to fly business class. Our desire to go there outweighed other considerations, and we reluctantly agreed, despite the price. When I arrive today to pick up the tickets, I discover that in fact only 1 seat on 1 of the flights is business class, although we have indeed been charged business class fares. It takes hours for this mess to be cleared up, and because this trip starts on Sunday morning, I have to wait while it gets cleaned up.

We have a quiet evening in tonight, as tomorrow and Sunday will be long days.

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