Overnight to Paris with Air Canada

Emails, phone calls and a defective driver’s seat belt

add to the overall last minute panic as we finish a frantic pack and load the newly-returned body shopped car (someone went through a red light and right into John – no damage to John, but lots to the car) for the drive to the airport and our overnight Air Canada flight to Paris. We have left ample time for traffic and any delay; so much so that, as is always the case when you leave lots of time, we arrive at the airport within 20 minutes and have over 2.5 hours to amble, catch a casual dinner, a trip-toast in the Maple Leaf Lounge and get settled in for our flight.

No Issues to Report with Air Canada!

No issues to report. How unusual. The check-in gate at Air Canada is functional, polite, verging on fun. No issues getting through screening. Everyone seems in high spirits. I must admit that we are somewhat suspect of all of this, waiting for the hammer to fall. But it does not. The plane is barely 3/4 full, we get comfortable, watch some Modern Family, take our little blue pills and wake up over France to sun, orange juice, and coffee.

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