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Traveler’s Choice: Tech Gadgets to Pack

Packing and light packing, what should you take with you?

You need something small and functional to help you enjoy yourself while you are away. Whether you are a solo traveler or starting a group vacation, some of these travel gadgets may help to improve the traveling experience for you and your companions.

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Stayed Powered Up!
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A Power Bank

Since we are combining tech and travel, the first thing on our list is a no-brainer. In order to keep all of your gadgets and pieces of equipment up and running, you will need a way of energizing them. This is why you need a power bank. There are a lot of them available on the market, but you need to find the one which best suits your needs. I have done some work for you and I can recommend either a Skyroam Solis device or an Energi Pro Power backpack. The Skyroam Solis device is not only a power bank, which was what you initially needed, but it is also a Wi-Fi hotspot. It is available for a small fee and it will help you stay connected in over 100 countries worldwide. When it comes to the backpack, a good thing is that it is a water-proof bag which can fit a 15’ laptop. This is something anyone would find useful. However, it is also a very powerful power bank and you can use it to charge up to three devices at the same time. Power up with these Power Banks  from Amazon.

Keep Your Belongings Safe

When I say safe, I mean not lost. Make sure you know whereabouts of your valuable belongings by using a Bluetooth finder. The device pairs up with an app which you can use to ring your precious item whenever you cannot locate it. This can come in very handy when you are in a rush to set off or when you are juggling several bags at the same time and you need to know exactly where something is.

A Portable HD

A portable HD will come in handy to all of those who like taking photos and recordings. Depending on the length and the type of your trip, you may need more storage memory than what you have on your phone or a laptop. Having a portable hard drive along with you will allow you to keep your devices clean and efficient. When selecting the right one for you, make sure that it is reliable, light and small in size. Back Yourself UP with these Hard Drives  from Amazon!

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Doctor On-The-Go

There are a lot of people who enjoy traveling but have a health condition which requires constant monitoring. This could interfere with their holiday plans. Luckily for us, smart people have created portable devices which can measure blood pressure,  heart rate, sugar in the blood, and temperature.  However, there are those devices which have most of these functions and can be paired with an app on your phone and sent to your physician if needed. Isn’t that a cool gadget?

Purify Your Water

The difference in water quality can give you indigestion. In order to keep yourself healthy and safe from infections and possibly even save some money on bottled water, you can bring a water purifier with you. Some of them are quite convenient for the travelers. They use UV rays and they are a little bit bigger than a pen.

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Your most precious and important travel companion: your Smart Device. image courtesy of

Smart Devices

According to Personal Digital, over 60% of people worldwide use mobile phones. There are hundreds of different models and makes. How about these Smart Devices? You need to find one which suits you the best for the purpose. There are good ones to pick out of at a pretty much any pricing level, so you do not have to invest a lot to be able to use one. It will certainly be your most precious gadget and a companion on your every trip. Use a variety of apps available to guide you through pretty much any country in the world. Use it as a phone, a music player, a video player, an Internet access-point and a camera.

Some of the honorable mentions include a flashlight, an adventure camera, (Looking for a Go Pro?  ) and a universal adapter. Each one of these is designed to make your life easier while you are away from home, but you can certainly use them in your everyday life as well. Check out these other Travel Tech Accessories  on Amazon. Happy Tech Travel!

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