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Well, fall is here already.

Many of us are already starting to plan our winter vacations, including us. Where are you planning on going this winter? Guadeloupe in the French Carribean? Pumping some of your tourism dollars into Irma-ravished Tortola in the British Virgin Islands? Or perhaps a traditional snow based vacation at a local ski hill. Whatever your winter getaway plans are, check out all the travel news, specifically about one of the airlines you may be using to fly away to your cold-weather getaway! #TravelWell.

Onetime Disruptor Wow Air Is Ready for a Reinvention

When entrepreneur Skúli Mogensen started a new low-cost airline based in Iceland in early 2012, the space was ripe for disruption.

U.S. and European airlines, many newly profitable after a harsh recession, had little interest in thwarting a new entrant with gaudy branding that charged for everything, from larger carry-on bags to sodas. Moreover, Mogensen’s airline, called Wow Air, didn’t have much low-cost competition across the Atlantic, as Norwegian Air was a smallish European operator then. Perhaps better, Iceland, a newly hot tourist destination, had limited service to the United States, inc


Emirates Looks to Become World’s Largest Airline With Potential Takeover of Etihad

Emirates is seriously considering taking over Etihad Airways to create what would be the world’s largest airline measured by passengers carried, Bloomberg reported Thursday.

For commercial reasons, a move would make sense. The two airlines have hubs in the United Arab Emirates a little more than an hour apart by car and would be well served to combine much of their operations at one airport to increase efficiency.

Moreover, while the Dubai-based Emirates remains among the world’s stronger airlines, despite recent hiccups, Etihad is not. It has been struggling to maintain costs after a massive expansion campaign led by its former CEO, James Hogan, flopped.


Cathay Pacific Spells Own Name Wrong on Plane

Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific painted its name as “Cathay Paciic” on the side of the jet. Eagle-eyed travelers spotted the mistake at Hong Kong International Airport and contacted the airline.

“Oops, this special livery won’t last long! She’s going back to the shop!” the company joked on Twitter.


Will Higher Bag Fees Pay Off for Airlines or Will Flyers Balk?

Unable to make up for rising fuel costs over the past year by raising airfares, airlines have begun increasing baggage fees instead. What remains to be seen is how much revenue those increases will bring in.  George Hobica, president of, said, “The only question is, will people do the same things with fees that they do with fares, which is resist.”



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