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Where are Europe’s Most Expensive Beaches?

A survey conducted by French travel website has revealed some of Europe’s most expensive travel destinations, including it’s most pricey beaches.

According to HospitalityNet, the survey compared the cost of accommodation across all European holiday resorts during the month of August. The results were compiled based on average rates for the cheapest available double room in each destination. The report only included accommodation that had a rating of at least three stars and that was located within easy reach of a beach.

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Bringing Hollywood Drone Footage To Your World Travels

You know what your lavish vacation is missing? Drone footage.

And that’s exactly what you will get if you decide to go with a new option offered by luxury bespoke travel provider Black Tomato with its Drone The World service.

You are already getting an extravagant experience with Black Tomato offerings. But now you can really archive the moment with a video offering that will lend Hollywood-like aerials to your vacation movies.

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Is Airbnb Entering the Hotel Industry?

San Francisco-based home-sharing platform Airbnb is currently in the business of connecting travelers with accommodation hosts around the world. But the company is at least experimenting with the idea of hotels, even if it isn’t calling it that.

Airbnb recently launched a design studio called Samara. The studio’s first project is a novel community center in Japan, according to, “where travelers could also stay — thus providing the community with a central meeting point where they could also serve as hosts to tourists.”

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Google Maps Comes to Rio’s Favelas 

Google launched what could turn out to be a landmark 360-degree video platform last week called Rio: Beyond The Map to coincide with the opening of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

The project is the result of an ongoing collaboration between Google and the local Grupo Cultural AfroReggae organization. Together they have spent the last two years in Rio de Janeiro mapping a couple dozen of the favelas using Google Street View technology.

The immersive videos in Rio: Beyond The Map confront the stereotypes surrounding the city’s infamous, impoverished favela neighborhoods by presenting stories of hope and inspiration. They’re designed to provide a more well-rounded, thoughtful, and positive perspective of these slum communities, which are typically associated with violent crime and crushing strife.

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Crystal Ends Plans for SS United States

It’s no surprise, but Crystal Cruises officially ruled out the idea of returning the historic SS United States ocean liner to service as a luxury cruise ship.

The decision was announced Aug. 5 after a six-month evaluation that determined that the iconic liner, docked in Philadelphia for 20 years, is structurally sound but that the technical and commercial challenges to return the ship to service were “insurmountable.”

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