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Interview: Paris Convention Bureau Responds to Post-Attack Challenges

In any other year, France’s new business events video would elicit a sense of wonder at the sumptuous scenes spreading from the lavender fields of Luberon to the beaches of Deauville. Except, France is still officially under a state of emergency following the November terrorism attacks, for the first time since 1961, and discussions are underway to extend that through July for the Tour de France bike race. The new meetings video is narrated in French by celebrity chef Guy Savoy, with subtitles expressing how the culture of France inspires his creativity and that of visiting conference attendees. While there’s little in the video showing anything new in terms of meetings infrastructure, industry sector expertise, or technology innovation, the power is in the ephemeral visuals and Savoy’s mien viscerally emphasizing all that is France. Even someone who’s traveled to France often to attend conferences will feel a tug back to the country after watching scenes like those in the Parisian flower market and Cannes’ harbor.

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TravelPulse Onboard: Fathom Adonia’s First-Ever Cruise

At first it’s hard to know what to make of the MV Adonia, the first ship in the Fathom fleet. As the de facto flagship of this brave new experiment in cruising, it serves as the standard bearer for a line defined by youthful energy, a socially conscious ethos and a fresh perspective on cruising. Then you step inside, and you are met by what very much appears to be the classical old-school luxury cruise ship. The wood-paneled walls. The brass fixtures. The grand staircase in front of reception. The low-pile carpeting. It’s not that it doesn’t impress. It does. It’s just initially somewhat … stodgy. Then you glance up to the top of that staircase, and see the wall of postcards, designed for sending notes to your future self. You notice a video booth for recording your thoughts on travel, the world and life in general. Then you hear rumors of curiosity boxes, tucked away throughout the ship. You find a dry-erase placard by your stateroom door with spots to write your name, your superpower, your spirit animal and your “someday.” Then you realize, like the authoritarian school bus that became the psychedelic icon of the Furthur movement, the Adonia is a cultural remix of the old school.

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UK Travel Warning Showcases Global Effect of Anti-LGBT Legislation

The effects of anti-LGBT legislation in Mississippi and North Carolina have now gone global effect. America’s closest ally, Great Britain, has issued a travel warning to its citizens, advising them to take caution when traveling in certain areas of the U.S. – namely, North Carolina and Mississippi.

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3 Marijuana-Friendly Accommodations in Colorado

Yesterday was April 20. No, not Earth Day which is today, but 4/20, arguably the most important date in cannabis culture. While not for everyone, marijuana is undeniably popular in the U.S. and abroad and legal for recreational use in multiples U.S. states. Perhaps none more celebrated and publicized than Colorado. In celebration of pot smokers’ annual observance, here are three hotels where travelers can get Rocky Mountain high in the Centennial State.

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