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We are getting

near the end of January: what travel plans are you making, plotting, dreaming about? Skiing in the Rockies or perhaps heading east and enjoying North America’s premier eastern ski resortMont Tremblant?   

Or perhaps you want to spend some of your tourism dollars in the Maria-ravaged Caribbean with some secluded beach time in the British Virgin Islands? Whatever your final winter travel destination is, take some time to catch up on all the latest travel news.

Happy Planning!

Jamaican Travel Advisory in Line with Other Popular Canadian Destinations

Last week, the prime minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness, declared that a state of emergency was needed to “restore public safety” in St. James Parish, which includes the popular Montego Bay region. Having a state of emergency declared in Jamaica because of crime issues is a positive move, says the man in charge of Jamaica’s tourism board in Canada. Philip Rose, Regional Director, Canada for the Jamaica Tourist Board, said Jamaica “has always enjoyed a very low crime rate against visitors; probably one of the lowest percentages in the Caribbean.”


What a Government Shutdown Means for Travelers

As the U.S. faces its fourth full day with a government that is closed for business, travelers are left wondering just what that means for them. The most recent shutdown, a 16-day event in October of 2013, and the most costly in the history of the United States, sent the travel industry scrambling. In addition to practical matters, tourism industry officials wondered if the situation would also cause damage to the travel industry, “by the mere perception that travel to and within the U.S. is uncertain.” It’s definitely a concern worth re-iterating at a time when international travelers are already more likely to eschew the U.S in favor of other global destinations.


Will New Travel Coalition Reverse US Visitor Drop?

A new coalition of industry insiders promoting tourism to the United States launched Tuesday with the intent of reversing a drop in international visitors since 2015. Visit U.S. will consist of travel, retail, hotel, and gaming industry leaders who will work with President Donald Trump and his administration to entice international travelers to visit America.


Southwest, Delta, and Singapore Air Are Among Most-Admired Companies

Travelers love to complain about airlines, but business insiders seem to like — and even admire — some of them. Fortune released its annual ranking of the world’s Top 50 most admired companies, and while only four travel-related firms made the list —or five, if you count Walt Disney Co. — three were airlines. Southwest Airlines ranked eighth, while Delta Air Lines was 31st and Singapore Airlines was 32nd.



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