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America’s Biggest Indoor Theme Park to Open Inside Wildly Over-The-Top Mall

Whether you’re currently a kid or you’re old enough to remember the moral handwringing over Ren & Stimpy, there’s something for everyone at the forthcoming Nickelodeon theme park in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Nickelodeon Universe will be the largest indoor theme park when it opens its doors on October 25.

Located inside the American Dream mall, this theme park will be 8.5 acres and feature 27 rides and attractions.



Singapore Airlines Enhances Passenger Experience with Innovative Mobile App

Singapore Airlines has released a new mobile app that makes use of augmented reality, real-time language translation, image-based search features, and other innovative features. Built from scratch, the new app aims to improve usability, enhance customer satisfaction, and give passengers more control over their journeys, according to the airline.


Qantas Won’t Pitch Its Ultra Long-Haul Flights to the

The question about Qantas Airways Ltd.’s plans to start 20-hour direct flights from Sydney to London and New York isn’t why any passenger would want to take the route — it’s why any carrier would want to offer them.

For all the hardship of spending a day cooped up with the body odours of a couple of hundred other humans, long-haul flying isn’t a particularly attractive business for airlines, either.


Uber’s Potentially Powerful — Yet Largely Unknown — Event Service

The increasing popularity of rideshare apps among business travellers is one of the most frequently expensed items on their expense reports, and rental car companies are scrambling to find ways to compete in a rapidly changing market.

This is especially true at events, where travellers are usually in an unfamiliar city for only a couple of days. Attendees line up outside of hotels and convention centers, checking their phones for updates on their Ubers and Lyfts. Rideshare has become one of the main tenets of conference transportation, whether organizers officially include it in their meeting plans or not.



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