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Why Is Visit Florida Still Fighting for Its Survival?

Another legislative session on the horizon means another funding battle for the beleaguered destination marketer Visit Florida. Visit Florida’s CEO Dana Young appealed to members of the state’s Senate Commerce and Tourism Committee on Oct. 15 to be aware of the risks of lowering or eliminating the state’s tourism funding, especially with a potential economic downturn on the horizon.



Dubai’s Big Bet on Expo 2020 Meets Political and Economic Headwinds

Dubai may have ambitious plans for Expo 2020 to attract 25 million visitors, but regional politics and global economic conditions may stand in its way.

It rises out of what were once rolling sand dunes stretching toward the horizon, a feverish construction site by tempo and temperature that has tens of thousands of workers building what looks like a new city in the desert of Dubai.

This is the site of Expo 2020, a world’s fair that will be hosted by a city-state that is already home to the world’s tallest building, the busiest airport for international travel, an indoor ski slope and other modern marvels.


TravelPulse Canada

737 Max Off Air Canada’s Schedule until February 2020

Air Canada has now removed the Boeing 737 Max from its flying schedule until February 14, 2020. The decision is based on operational considerations for the airline, as it launches a new reservation system beginning next month.



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