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FSTravels NEWS 3.26.2017

Spring is in the air, 

at least here in Canada and we are starting our summer travel planning. Check out Ten Places You Should Really (REALLY) Travel to This Summer. Considering traveling to the US this summer?  The Drifter Collective offers some recommendations for individual or family trips. And if you are coming to Canada for our Happy 150th celebrations, catch our interview with America’s #1 Travel Radio Show, Rudy Maxa’s World with The Careys on all things #Canada150  via podcast under the “Listen Now” section of their website

Where are you traveling to this summer? While you are building your summer wish list, enjoy our latest edition of FSTravels NEWS!

What Travelers Should Know About New Restrictions on Devices

The United States Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday enacted a new flight travel restriction. Under the rule, passengers traveling on foreign airlines from eight majority-Muslim countries to the United States are barred from bringing devices larger than cell phones onto the plane. Instead, they have to stow devices like computers and tablets in checked luggage. Who is affected, why are larger devices banned, and what should you do? Here is what we know so far.

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9 Travel Products That Take the Stress Out of Your Trip

Standing in front of an awe-inspiring natural wonder or historic site isn’t the moment to be thinking, “Did I lock the front door?” Put anxiety at bay with these stress-reducing travel products that will help you relax on your trip, secure in the knowledge that everything’s just fine.

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10 Incredible Uncrowded Summer Destinations

Summer travel is not very far away, and many travelers are making plans for their vacations. With temperatures rising, beaches, oceans, and islands call to travelers who want a place to relax and cool off. But there are likely hundreds — if not thousands — of people looking to do the same, and you might end up at a spot that is overflowing with other travelers. A relaxing day at the beach could end up being a day fighting for a lounger, bumping elbows in the pool, or waiting in long lines for a tropical drink.

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How to Make a Great Travel Video (Without Any Previous Experience)

When you go on a great trip, sometimes it’s not enough to tell people about it—you want to show them, too. And in our increasingly digital world, the best way to do this is with a video. Travel videos—when done well—have the power to inspire and share stories in an emotional and immersive way. They also make wonderful keepsakes that encompass all the best memories from your experiences.

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TravelWell and enjoy your week! 

Udaipur’s City Palace: The House of Maharana
And Buddha Blesses All
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