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ALL the travel news for Friday, October 19th.

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Swoop Cancellations Leave Tons of Customers In The Lurch

Swoop Airlines is apologizing after they were forced to cancel 56 flights, leaving customers in the lurch. Swoop officials say they sold tickets to U.S. destinations based on expected government approvals, a practice they say is common in the aviation industry. But some of those approvals didn’t arrive in time, forcing the Calgary-based airline to cancel almost five dozen flights.


OpenTable CEO Is Out as Kayak Team Takes Lead

Christa Quarles will step down as OpenTable CEO, effective at the end of the year. Quarles notified OpenTable staff via email this morning. Kayak CEO Steve Hafner will take the lead at OpenTable with no plans to name a new CEO. “It’s a recognition that we’ve combined both OpenTable and Kayak functionally, by department. We have one marketing team, one finance team, one product team,” he said.


MSC Cruises Targets Growing Luxury Market With New Ship Order

Already on a years-long growth spurtMSC Cruises is adding a new category to its ship-building boom: luxury. The privately owned European operator announced Thursday it has agreed to order four “ultra-luxury” cruise ships for more than 2 billion euros, or $2.3 billion. The vessels will have a capacity for 1,000 passengers — far smaller than the rest of MSC’s fleet — and encompass 64,000 gross tons.



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