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Québec, THE Place Where You Can Let Go. For Real.

Experience pure, raw emotions

while visiting Québec. Create an authentic story about this destination, featuring its spectacular landscape, creative culture and, above all, its welcoming people. That’s the type of experience that was proposed to five travellers who lead frantic lives in Let go, the most recent advertising initiative promoting the QuébecOriginal brand abroad.

“The five influencers we invited are people who are used to being constantly connected to their communities. We asked them to leave their frantic lives behind, turn off their phones and stop interacting on their social media platforms, and fully experience every moment of their trip. —to really enjoy Québec. It’s that experience of letting go that we captured, with all the emotions and encounters it involved,”

explained Florence Girod, Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Integrated Product at Cossette, the agency responsible for the creative development and deployment of the QuébecOriginal brand for Alliance de l’industrie touristique du Québec (Alliance) to markets outside Québec.

These experienced travellers accepted the challenge, and the results, available in a series of video clips launched today, go well beyond mere memories:

“I loved this trip to Québec. It’s rare today to have the opportunity to really stop and let yourself be transported by the positive energy of the people you meet.”

– Jean Imbert (France).

“Québec is really the ideal place to let go of everything and let things happen.”

– Alan Estrada (Mexico).

“It felt like reconnecting with old friends. Everywhere you go, you feel that warm welcome and human connection.”

 – Kiersten Rich, The Blonde Abroad (United States).

Let Go and enjoy this spectacular video!

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