Easy, Swedish Summer Driving

Saturday, July 17th, 2004: Trelleborg, Sweden

N 55
E 013

Oslo to Trelleborg: 598 kilometres

A day of nice, early summer driving. We have views of the Oslo Fjord as we head almost due south, but soon lose our view of the sea. From there until south of Göteborg, we could as easily be hundreds of miles inland as within shouting distance of water.

We planned on stopping around Malmo, or maybe crossing into Denmark, and stopping for the night. We drive to Trelleborg to the ferry dock, to see whether we can get space on a ferry to Germany, and find that there is space late tonight, which would get us to Germany at about 3 in the morning, or 1st thing tomorrow morning. We choose tomorrow.

We find a bed for the night, and then walk through town. The smell tells us that there is a pulp mill nearby, but the focus of the town is on the ferries – there are 2 lines, going to towns in Germany and Poland, carrying passengers, cars and trucks, and railway freight cars. The ferries pull in and out with great regularity, and surprise us with great regularity.

All of the restaurants in town appear to be pizza joints, and all seem, from their names, to be run by Turks, who also ran a lot of the restaurants in Norway. We pick one, and sit outside until the sun goes down, when finally we can no longer deny that it is too cold to sit outside, and we move inside with the rest of the customers.

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