Letters from St. Fréchoux: How French!

Tuesday, September 28th, 2004: St. Fréchoux, France

Dear Charlie:

Rosemary arrived safe and sound today from the U.S. but was been delayed an hour due to equipment issues on her connecting flight from Paris. We greet her with European kisses for each cheek and bundle her bags into the car for our drive back to St. Fréchoux. Hope all is well with you back in Kalamazoo. Give a big hug to Foster for us; we hope he isn’t missing Midgie too much. And say hi to her for us too. We hope she is settling into school.

Groceries are needed and we do a pit stop with the somewhat jet-lagged Rose in tow, bleary-eyed and dealing with the French supermarket. We grab our supplies and head into the late September sun and a quiet evening over roast chicken, potatoes and some haricots verts. We have chardonnay already chilling for Rose and we toast her welcome to St. Fréchoux over several glasses of wine.

How French!

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