Wonderful to be Cooking in a Kitchen Again.

Thursday, August 19th, 2004: London, England

The day is spent quietly exploring Islington, a part of London neither of us really knows. Our umbrellas are up, down, and then up again as it rains off and on all day long. The temperature is a big change from southern Europe, and we are glad that we have brought jackets and long-sleeved shirts. Our friends Jacqueline and Michael were in London a few weeks ago, and had reported how shocking the prices were. We, having spent almost a month in Scandinavia, are pleasantly surprised to find that the prices in restaurants and bars are a bit lower than they were in Norway and Sweden.

We are cooking dinner tonight, so part of what we are doing is exploring the food shops for inspiration. We decide on a salad of rocket lettuce, cucumber and fresh langoustines steamed in white wine, followed by a risotto with seared tuna steak. After all the time we have spent without kitchen, it is really wonderful to be working in a kitchen. And Neil’s kitchen, wonderfully renovated a few years ago when he modernized his +150 year old house, is quite a nice place in which to be doing it.

The numbers keep changing but we are finally 4 for a late night dinner and a bottle of wine.

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