A Very Happy Canada Day!

from all of us at

Canada Day….
A day to be proud to live in such an incredible country: friendly, kind and welcoming. Progressive, supportive, caring.
A day to be to use our collective power to advance kindness, humanness, positivity and change.
Yes, we say ‘sorry’ perhaps too often, but that is our way of communicating our concern for our fellow human beings.

I find myself somewhat overwhelmed with emotion today. In fact, shedding some tears as I write this.
From John’s obituary:

“The fact that John was able to marry Greg in 2003 made him even prouder of his Canadian identity. He is so proud of the travel blog that he and Greg started in 2003,”

How lucky we are.

How lucky we are to live, love, respect and simply be ourselves in this glorious country we call our own, our home.
Looking forward to getting to know our great nation and all her wonders EVEN more during these difficult #travel times!

Happy, Happy Canada Day!

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