Rainy Movie Day in Melboune, Australia

Raining and overcast, we decide to have a movie day.

Classic followsummer from January 2004

I must admit there is a little guilt attached to this but John points out that “if that’s what we want to do then we should do it.” After breakfast, I pore over the paper and decide on two options! We go with both – doing two movies in a row: “Love Actually” and “Cold Mountain”. We head downtown to the Crown Center (a huge, ugly Las Vegas style “entertainment” complex with a hotel, casino, shops, casino, food courts, casino, etc, casino, etc….). It is officially raining now (John: pouring is more like it) and Melbourne feels and looks a lot like London (UK) to us.

Jude, Nicole and Renee Deliver

Hankies in tow from the movie “Love Actually” we move on to “Cold Mountain”, and are impressed by Jude and Nicole’s angst driven Homeric (thanks, Michael Brady for the choice word) journey and Renee’s scrappy Annie Oakley.

Outside it is still raining and feeling generally like October as we leave the movie theatre at about 7 pm. We head back to the hotel and change our clothes for a lovely dinner at a restaurant just up the street from us called Red Orange. Excellent food and excellent wine (BYO!) primed with a starter martini. Yum!

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